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Continuing to run a business while building a new facility or restoring an old one can be stressful and frustrating. That is why we make it our goal to help you keep your business running smoothly while we focus on building your new facility or restoring your old one.








Commercial Construction


i. When discussing the investment in a new building or a restoration of an existing building, you first need to gather all of the information you can. The commercial construction team that you work with should be able to help you develop a clear outline that includes planning, execution, performance and more.

The Commercial Construction Process has a few of phases:

Hire Jarrett

planning phase


execution phase


closure phase


1. Hire Jarrett Construction

Get your dreams to reality!

2. Pre-construction Phase:

A. Program and Design Development 

This phase identifies your needs and desires. Allows our designers, estimators and schedulers to meet with you and your selected staff to help bring your dream to life on paper. This is critically important as changes, and changes can happen, are much more economical on paper than after the project has started. Design progress is often broken down into schematic, design development, and construction documents.

B. Budget Development  

As the design effort moves forward and the project begins to take shape on paper, Jarrett’s professionals will develop the project’s budget with a high degree of accuracy. We use real time historical data for our initial estimate. As more details are generated, we are able to “bid out” specific portions of the work to trusted subcontractors and suppliers. By the time the design professionals have produced the construction documents, Jarrett’s team is able to guarantee a maximum price proposal (GMP) for your project. The GMP is agreed to and accepted before any construction work begins. Other key elements of the GMP proposal are the project schedule, specifications and any allowances or clarifications that may be necessary.

Our goal is that you fully understand what you’re buying, how much it costs and how long it will take, before construction work begins.

What you’re buying

How much it costs

How long it will take before construction work begins.

3. Construction Phase

A. Planning 

Once you have agreed to the GMP, Jarrett’s project management team will lead the effort of the Last Planner System® (LPS®) and refine the schedule that was submitted with the GMP proposal.

At Jarrett Construction, we use a lean construction method, which was adapted from principles of the lean manufacturing industry. Lean construction is the application of lean thinking to the design and construction process, creating improved project delivery to meet client needs and improved profitability for constructors.

Within the lean construction toolbox is the Last Planner System (LPS®). We have incorporated the LPS® into our system. LPS® utilizes a project’s subcontractor foreman in a collaborative group format to identify activities and their associated durations, dependencies, constraints and solutions to develop a construction schedule. This process is then facilitated by our on-site superintendent.

Components of the LPS®:


Pull Plan sessions are organized and attended at critical junctures in the life of the project. The pull/plan is half-day to full-day scheduling session with all stakeholders to assist in development of the schedule.

  1. In order to properly and accurately update job progress, six-week look ahead meetings are held weekly at the site. During these meetings, coordination items, such as, work progress, manpower requirements and delivery schedules are discussed.

Our superintendent will also facilitate 15-minute daily huddles at the beginning of each work day. The daily huddle allows all job foremen on the project to meet and discuss what’s happening that day, deliveries, logistics, safety and the like.

Utilizing LPS® allows us to:

Create the shortest project durations

Identify and eliminate unforeseen clashes/risks before they impact the progress

Prevent rework

Provide a better product to our client

B. Execution

Providing our clients with the highest quality product they can afford is the goal of Jarrett Construction.

1. We provide samples and unit prices for potential finish options so our clients can easily understand; “touch and feel” what they are buying, before they actually buy it. Our employees have years of experience in the construction industry and each is empowered with the responsibility and authority to ensure the work is done correctly the first time. If there is a portion of the work that does not meet the specifications then they are also empowered to have that portion removed and replaced at no additional cost to our clients.



2. Our superintendents complete daily reports that describe the work performed that day, material deliveries, rentals, authorized extra work and the like. These reports are produced daily and uploaded to our web-based software so that all authorized users have access to them.

3. In addition to the on-site superintendent, our project manager shall visit the site and inspect the work for quality, progress and safety. The third level of review and inspection shall be performed by the project executive, John Jarrett. John will be on site as often as required and will play an active role to ensure our quality, schedule and safety standards are maintained.


4. The safety of our employees, clients and other stakeholders in the project is of the highest priority. Safety is more than just a “tag line” here. It is emphasized and enforced from the president to the clean-up crew. Our superintendents are the designated safety representative on every Jarrett Construction project. They continuously inspect the site for hazards and are authorized to take whatever action is necessary in order to abate any that may be found. Superintendents utilize weekly “tool box talks” as safety training on each project.

The final stage of the construction phase is closure. During this portion of the project, our team will develop a list of any minor unfinished tasks that need to be wrapped up, calculate any final budget constraints and perform final walkthroughs. Operation & Maintenance Manuals will be furnished to you along with a record set of as-built drawings. These critical documents are furnished in electronic format for ease of use and retention. Our goal is at the end of the job, we are shaking hands and not pointing fingers!

If you have questions about our commercial construction process, give us a call or fill out the contact form below.


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Commercial Construction


At Jarrett Construction, we create a smooth plan for business owners so they can focus on what matters most = running their business. That is why we believe hiring a design-build contractor is essential.

Hiring a design-build contractor for your project can have many advantages including:

Fostering a collaborative approach to the project

Early identification of construction costs

More accurate budget estimates

Lower design fees

Fast-track construction potential

Commercial Construction


When hiring a commercial construction contractor, you want to make sure you’re hiring:

        1. You can trust
        2. Has a proven track record
        3. Provides quality work, economical prices, on time performance and done in a safe manner
Can you tell me about your business’ history?

Jarrett Construction Services was founded in 1999 by John Jarrett and is located in Charleston and Morgantown, West Virginia. We provide construction management, historical restoration and renovation, design-build and general contracting services. Jarrett Construction is committed to bringing high-quality construction services to West Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region. From conception to completion, our firm has successfully demonstrated its ability to manage, design and build over hundreds of projects.

What type of projects have you worked on?
Jarrett Construction has significant construction experience in multiple areas including the commercial, religious, education, historic restoration, residential/multi-family, hospitality and healthcare spaces. Please see our portfolio here for each type of project
Do you prepare a project timeline?

At Jarrett Construction, we believe in accountability and hard work that is why we develop a rigorous project timeline with the Last Planner System (LPS®). We develop and maintain CPM schedules for our projects.

Why are you the right fit for my project?

We believe that every client should have the ability to focus on their business while we focus on their project. That is why we use tools such as LPS®, Procore, MS Project and the like to streamline communications, eliminate obstacles, and fast-track construction.


  • Date: 2015
  • Project: When Greylock Energy needed a new headquarters for their eastern region, they turned to Jarrett for the job. The Jarrett team went right to work designing and building a new 62,000 sf modern, state-of-the-art, office building nestled on over three acres in Charleston’s premier Northgate office park. Completed right on time and right on budget, indeed less than expected for both, the new facility serves as home to over 100 workers and is considered one of Charleston’s most beautiful buildings. Sustainable building practice, full emergency power back up, employee health and fitness and other key concepts were all considered during design and construction.
  • Location: Charleston, West Virginia
  • Owner: Greylock Energy


  • Date: 2002
  • Project: Manage the construction of the Gathering Space Addition to Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral and add a gym and daycare. 
  • Location: Charleston, West Virginia
  • Owner: Monsignor P. Edward Sadie, Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral (304) 342-8175.
  • Architect: Mike Phillips, Kreps & Zachwieja Architects/Consultants, Inc. (304) 346-5361.
  • Cost: $3M
Commercial Construction

Gathering Space

In 2002, Monsignor P. Edward Sadie hired Jarrett to manage the construction of the Gathering Space Addition to Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral in Charleston, West Virginia. This $3M + project was the largest and most complex the Parish had taken on in decades. 

The cathedrals placement on a busy street in Downtown Charleston, West Virginia,  left little more than an unwelcoming sidewalk space to gather. Jarrett Construction Services was approached to provide a hospitable area for parishioners and visitors alike. The $3,000,000, 9,700 square foot project added the gathering space, a new and enlarged sacristy/vesting area for up to 30 or 40 priests, a bridal party dressing room and gift shop. Additionally, a new landscaped courtyard, complete with two fountains, accents the beautiful Romanesque architecture of the original cathedral built in 1897.

Most notably, the Jarrett team managed the installation of over 300 tons of limestone, quarried in Boyers, Pennsylvania, hand carved in Cleveland, Ohio, sandblasted for aging in Rock Branch, West Virginia and final setting in Charleston. The interior of the gathering space was built to exist in harmony with the existing church sanctuary, and what an achievement it was. The project won statewide awards from both the Architect and the Contractor’s associations.

Commercial Construction

Gym and Day Care Project

This project consisted of a new 18,000 sq. ft. gym and daycare facility. The gym includes a regulation size middle school basketball court and a volleyball court and equipment. Locker rooms for youth sports teams are included. The daycare includes four new classrooms with individual restrooms for children from six weeks to 36 months old. A light duty commercial kitchen is included for daycare. Full security and audiovisual systems are planned and will include security camera surveillance.

Walls are environmentally friendly insulated concrete forms (ICF), brick façade, with cast stone trim and details. The entire building will be environmentally controlled by state of the art HVAC systems, LED and T5 lighting, automatic toilet controls. Fully automatic sprinkler and fire alarm systems will be installed.

Commercial Construction


At Jarrett Construction, we are members of the:

The Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society

We belong to these associations, groups, and societies because we make it our goal to stay in tune with industry changes.

The AGC is the leading association of the construction industry, representing more than 26,000 firms (6,500 leading general contractors and 9,000 specialty contractors).

The ABC is a national construction trade association that represents 21,000 members. The ABC helps owners develop their employees, bid on work, deliver quality work safely, ethically and profitably.

CSI Contractors, located in Bakersfield, California, is a general engineering contracting firm that specializes in prefabricated building construction.

The AGC is the leading association of the construction industry, representing more than 26,000 firms (6,500 leading general contractors and 9,000 specialty contractors).

The YPO is a global leadership organization that represents more than 27,000 executives.

The Charleston Area Alliance is a local group that strives for economic and community development in the area.

Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society


After your new facility has been built, you will want to continue to maintain it. There are several things you should be doing throughout the year for your new building.

  1. Inspect the building’s roof at least two times a year and immediately after any storms or natural disasters.
  2. Periodically clean roof drains.
  3. Periodically check the intersection of the roof and building walls for any structural damage.
  4. Inspect the exterior building for chipped paint, cracked windows and grime, clean as necessary.
  5. Inspect pavement around the building for any weed infiltration, which can cause cracked pavement. 
  6. Clean the pavement and sidewalk at least two times per year.
  7. Inspect the interior building for the condition of the floors, walls and ceilings. 
  8. Clean flooring regularly and replace between 15 to 30 years or more depending on wear.
  9. Inspect faucets, doors, door locks and outlets for damage.
  10. Inspect the HVAC system at least two times a year.
  11. Change air filters once a month or per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  12. Inspect electrical systems.
  13. Schedule your electrical performance appointment with a licensed electrician every three to five years.
  14. Inspect plumbing and sewage (replace sewage ejector pumps as needed and lubricate exposed pumps at least once a year).

While this is not an exhaustive list of what you can be doing to maintain your new building, this should get you started. At Jarrett Construction, we are proud of every project we work on and we want to help you maintain this work. If you have any questions about building maintenance, let us know. 

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We are committed to bringing high-quality construction services to West Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region. From conception to completion, our firm has successfully demonstrated its ability to manage, design and build hundreds of projects since our beginning.
At Jarrett Construction, we take care of the design and build portions of your job so that you can focus on the things that matter to you.