1605 Virginia St East
Charleston, West Virginia

St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church has been a community anchor in Star City for generations and will do so with updated facilities for generations to come. Pittsburgh, PA based Architectural firm Cannon Design developed the design.

Jarrett Construction Services, Inc. mobilized in July 2017 to begin construction on the 5,250 square foot addition. Selective demolition where the addition tied into the existing structure required detailed coordination and temporary controls for the remaining facility. Existing grade beam foundations and column bases were integrated into new the foundations.

Structural steel was carefully connected to the existing structure and provided the support for the glass and glazing windows extending from the new addition roofline up to the existing structure.

The existing Worship space’s furnishings were removed and placed in storage and the entire ceramic floor was removed and prepared for new imported Italian porcelain. The new Presider’s room was framed to the ceiling to provide the structure for the plastic laminate & ceramic accent feature.

Exterior walls are heavy guage metal studs, gypsum sheathing, air barrier, 3” rigid insulation, lathe with engineered attachment stsrem, and synthetic stone. Interior partition walls are metal stud framed with painted drywall.

Floor finishes include imported Italian porcelain tile.

St. Mary’s Catholic High Church welcomed members into the new space in August 2018.