Hometown KIA

Project location: Mount Hope, WV

The 8,500 square foot Hometown KIA car dealership was successfully completed with form and function in mind. Featuring a 1,200 square foot mezzanine, Hometown KIA’s new building features three sections, with the showroom situated at the front of the building. The showroom is enclosed with a curtain wall and metal panels and office space for the sales staff.  The middle of the building includes an office area with parts and storage. A service drop-off canopy provides access to a six stall, heated and exhausted service area in the rear of the dealership.  An enclosed sales delivery space is also provided on the opposite side of the building. Interior finishes incorporate painted structural steel and block, and porcelain tile floors.  Structure features include masonry load bearing walls with bar joists, and a structural steel-framed showroom.

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